Trump clearly unfit for the job

Americký prezident Donald Trump: Šílený, špatný a nebezpečný vědět, podle jeho kritiků, ale určitě nudný.

Donald Trump has been President of the United States for just over 200 days. Apart from his negligible legislative achievements domestically, his deplorable record includes a retreat from American global leadership and a rejection of those very values that made the US the leader of the free world. This was epitomised by his response to…

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Democrats looking to set up expert panel on Donald Trump’s mental health


The Democrats are remaining anonymous for now Generally, experts are advised against speculating about a non-patient’s mental health Democratic members of Congress are planning something unusual for politicians in the United States: Meeting with a psychiatrist to talk about forming an expert panel to consider the mental health of the President. Since his unexpected rise…

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Donald Trump Is A “F*cking Idiot” For Not Condemning Nazis, Says John Oliver

John Oliver began Sunday’s Last Week Tonight in a full-on rage, condemning President Donald Trump for his refusal to single out white nationalists in wake of a domestic terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Va. The tragedy, which left protester Heather Heyer dead after a man rammed his car into a group of demonstrators, took place during a march by white nationalists and…

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Indian diplomat likens Ivanka Trump to ‘half-wit Saudi prince’ ahead of summit where she will lead US delegation


‘It is a shame that the US should be compared to a kingdom,’ says diplomat Ivanka Trump has reportedly been likened to a “half-wit” Saudi prince by an Indian diplomat after it was announced she would lead the US at a summit in southern India. Donald Trump on Thursday announced that his daughter, who works for him as an…

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